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I think Facebook is very likely to make some major announcements at the forthcoming F8 in April, around Bots and Messenger as a platform. And most importantly, what happens when our devices finally begin to understand us better than we understand ourselves? They respond to us when we need them to, and represent a new way of interacting with our devices. Led by Facebook Messenger in the West, and WeChat in the East, messaging apps are quickly transforming themselves into all-encompassing platforms, thereby allowing users to buy products and services, send payments, communicate with businesses, and engage in commerce, leading to a convergence of context and transactions within messaging platforms.

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Our experience of the mobile screen as a bank of app icons is dying and we are moving toward a UI-less computer interaction environment. While these apps support a slew of different functions, from c hecking our bank account s, scheduling a meeting , making a reservation at a restaurant , to being our travel assistant , they all have one thing in common: Natural language processing, the field of computing and AI concerned with making computers understand and speak the natural languages of humans, has come a long way in recent years. Language has been part of our makeup for hundreds of thousands of years.

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The cause of this shift is simple: Messaging is the most widely used application on the mobile platform, with chat-based apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger owning the communication layer of the world. Download Preview App to view your apps on mobile devices. We are just at the beginning of the bots era and there are many more developments to come.

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Our gaming consoles are less tied to button commands and instead integrate more properties of physical space and motion into our experience. Some useful links for additional reading on this subject: For the first time in our history, the new transfer of knowledge will not involve humans.

These developments will good up new and no marks for marks, developers, and businesses. Do we become the next UI.

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Download Preview App to view your apps on mobile devices. Powerful speech technology from leading Internet companies is making it much easier to ignore the touchscreens on devices for something much more efficient and intuitive: With this ability to create new things on top of this data, websites were transformed from static pages into dynamic services.

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