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Basketball backpack with shoe compartment. Glossary Terms

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Point Collar A collar that has pointed ends and leaves a narrow opening between the collar points. Whether you are walking, working, or just on your feet, make sure you are giving them the support they deserve. It is commonly seen as an extension from the waist of the bodice or as an extension from the waistband of a skirt.

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Raglan A style of sleeve that has a diagonal seam on front and back, extending from the neckline to the underarm. Research has been conducted to study the effects phthalate has on carcinogenicity, environmental effects and estrogen mimicking. Also known as a monk strap. It's dyeable, resistant to shrinking and fading.

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Sandal A form of footwear, with an open toe and open back, that is held to the foot by strips of leather or fabric. The midsole will provide the extra shock absorption that the lack of pronation is missing. May come in a variety of sizes with a variety of straps.

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Saddle Oxford An oxford-style shoe featuring a saddle across the vamp, often in a contrasting color. This style of shoe often includes protective features such as steel-toe reinforcement and waterproof and oil-resistant materials. Round Bertha Collar A bib style collar made of a large round cut piece of fabric that is overlayed and draped around the neckline creating a half-moon shape. Raglan A style of sleeve that has a diagonal seam on front and back, extending from the neckline to the underarm.

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