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Top 10 Casual Two Player Games

Best board game for two adults. Best Party Board Games for Adults

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My wife and I like to invite friends over on the weekends to play board games so we've played just about every game you can think of and continue to have a great time doing it. My in-laws even suggest we take it out when they come over for dinner.

Great Games Based on Familiar Properties

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There's literally something for everyone when it comes to board games, making them the perfect gift for friends and family. My friends and I have had endless hours of fun with this game. The best way to describe this game at a party would be a night full of inappropriate jokes that you feel like you're making up along with your friends. This isn't the best picture in the world but here's a look at my Dad getting hit with the whipped cream while my son laughs hysterically.

1. Cards Against Humanity

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5 Hilarious Party Board Games for Adults

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Luckily most in-stock problems have been solved for this year. The player who rolled the dice then picks which answer he thought was funny and which he thought was true. It's a lot like Apples to Apples in that one player lays down a question card while everyone else tries to give the funniest answer that they have. That number is the same amount of times they have to turn the crank hand.

Light-Hearted Games

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