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Youth Group Games - Deathball

Biblical games for adults. Is Legislating Morality Biblical?

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Download a list of Basic Bible truths: Voluntary praise is far better than coerced praise. The Law in Israel seems like the most direct case, but is a useful comparison to Christians and church discipline—much more so than political activism.

Teaching children the Bible

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Harbut's Bible Stories contain the famous and great stories in their connected order forming a continuous history of the Bible and its greatest stories which are suitable for adults and teens, young children and kids, Catholic or Protestant, part of a series of Bible Stories from the Old Testament. We are taught to believe he will come again The attitude that bifurcates the Christian life into secular and sacred has put our country into a moral, spiritual, political, and financial mess. Other than banning slavery, kidnapped brides, child labor, gladiatorial combat, death games, infanticide, child marriage, temple prostitution, child sexual abuse, child prostitution, wives as property, and promoting religious and political freedom and the equality of all mankind, Christians have accomplished nothing politically in Western civilization.

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