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Top 18 Books to Read in 2018!

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Having escaped his brutal underground homeland, Drizzt has taken up residence on the surface, living near dwarves and humans in Icewind Dale. However, we feel confident that if you use this list as a starting point, then look a little further into any entries that sound promising, you will have a decent idea of what might appeal to you.

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The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in modern fantasy, and the Mistborn trilogy is probably his greatest solo work so far. Although fantasy has evolved in many ways since Tolkien first set pen to paper, his story endures and his work still stands to this day as the most recognizable example of epic fantasy. Having escaped his brutal underground homeland, Drizzt has taken up residence on the surface, living near dwarves and humans in Icewind Dale. The Inheritance Trilogy by N.

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The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. This is perfect for those looking for an unpredictable, raw, grimy, and cutting-edge fantasy read.

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