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DIY BACK CUT OUT SWEATER/Backless Sweater/Bow Back Sweater/Open Back Sweater/NO SEW/PART2

Diy cut out back shirt. DIY Basic T-SHIRT QUILT Tutorial- Part 1

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Sewing the top 2 rows to the bottom 3 rows pinning seams and in between. I cut the front of the shirt first then the back separately. This will help just in case something falls out of place. Then, start at the top; lay a piece of interfacing on your shirt try to lay it center and as straight as possible.

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This will stabilize your shirt really well to ensure even and accurate cutting. Lay the tank on top of the shirt and make marks with the pen showing the neck line depth and strap thickness for reference. When I am cutting, I measure, re-measure, and measure again to ensure accuracy…it stinks to cut it an inch too short see part 2 if this does happen to you!

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Remove the tank and draw lines connecting the pen marks to follow while cutting. So what happened to my interlining-less shirt?


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Abby modeled my two successful collars before I packaged them up for Rochelle and Henry. Lay the quilt out again, spreading it flat and even. See part 2 for more creative ideas!

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