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Sydney, Australia Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Famous sites in australia. Mining in Australia

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Many of his works have strong Masonic themes and some are specifically about Freemasonry, despite the fact that he was only active in his lodge for a brief period of time. The peninsula is home to numerous other bays which provide beautiful secluded swimming beach, snorkelling and scuba areas, rock pools, and many other attractions. Blatchford, Samuel - U.. But on a warm summers night, cruising around the harbour and sipping on a beer or wine, while talking to other guests, is pretty hard to beat.

1 . Sydney

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I think it is a perfect combination! He invented the first revolver. Swimming with Whale Sharks Original image supplied from www.

Commonwealth of Australia

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Hahnemann, Samuel - German physician and founder of homeopathy. In this position, he devised an elaborate scheme to "buy" corpses of non-Jews by bribing guards with Red Cross supplies. However, except for those parts of the world where persecution would subject a member or his family to potential harm, most Masons are proud to have others know of their involvement - as this list attests! Henry, Patrick - American colonial patriot, member of the Continental Congress, he spurred the creation of the Virginia militia with the famous words "Give me liberty or give me death".

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Fairbanks, Douglas - American silent film actor known for his performance in swashbuckling adventures such as 'Robin Hood' Farragut, David G. He successfully defended his title five times before losing to Gene Tunney in an upset in Fiala, Anthony - War correspondent and famous photographer of Brazilian and polar expeditions.

Photos Australia

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Places to visit in Australia

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