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Video about free dance videos for beginners:

30 minutes of beginner Dance workout

Free dance videos for beginners. Learn to Dance w/ the #1 Rated Dance Lesson Videos & DVDs

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Still can't find what your looking for? Shawn Trautman has built his reputation on teaching people to dance that have never danced before. We specialise in beginners — all abilities welcome!

Dance to be Free

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If you know several line dances already and you're just looking to add to your arsenal, either of the Essential Line Dances volumes will be great for you. We hear all the time that the instruction was painless and that people are amazed by their own abilities that they never knew they had. In this freestyle video lesson you will learn how to do cool robot moves — using popping and locking technique.

Check these NEW beginner DVDs:

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Over 50, people have learnt the basics with us. Learn how to dance hip hop and study some Tap dance steps to broaden your knowledge. Full details of the classes, dance styles and times can be found on the timetable.

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I vowed I'd find a better way and that's exactly what we did and why our business has exploded in recent years. Dance Lessons will also give you a good idea of what dances you will like.

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Now days, hip hop has many styles within it including: Buy it here Click here 3rd Freestyling dance video lesson — Robot dance:


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