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The Method to doing 20+ Pullups In a Row - Tutorial

How do i do more pull ups. How Many Pull-ups Should I Be Able To Do?

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Your body always follows your chin. And the first dude was waiting for him and hanging for dear life. Controlling the Bar Back Up Once you get the bar down, check your shoulder blades to make sure they are still down and back, and control the bar back up. You can also go to your local park and bang some pull ups there.

Differences In Grip

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The wider the grip, the less it will train your biceps. Master the middle ROM flexed-arm hang position elbows at a 90 degree angle by holding for time. About The Author John Sifferman is a health-first fitness coach and the author of The Pull-up Solution , the first comprehensive, step-by-step pull-up and chin-up training system that helps people rapidly increase their pull-up numbers in three months or less.


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Pull-ups are so fucking amazing because they can be done almost anywhere you can find something to hang up from. Those are the lats — the muscles of your armpits. Put on the belt.

How Women CAN Do Pull Ups

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Obviously, many people get away with years of doing pull ups or lat pull-downs behind the neck. It does a lot for you; do this much for your body. Then with a strong exhale very important!

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An extremely wide grip reduces the range of motion while involving a risk for shoulder injury. I strongly suggest tracking your efforts and acknowledging the tiny victories along the way, for there will be plenty of them. The most common grip width is just slightly wider than shoulder width. This post will teach you how to do increase your performance with pull-ups using the correct technique.

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