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How do you know someone is stalking you. One year ago today Morgan’s stalking started

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Predatory stalkers spy on the victim in order to prepare and plan an attack — often sexual — on the victim. Warnings or suspension from communication services or websites Most websites and phone companies have Terms and Conditions which control what users are allowed to do.

Sharing The Story of Morgan Jennifer Ingram's Stalking and Murder to Raise Awareness

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A man committing the offence of stalking would be liable for imprisonment up to three years for the first offence, and shall also be liable to fine and for any subsequent conviction would be liable for imprisonment up to five years and with fine. Different schools may have different ways of dealing with cyber bullying, but it should always be taken seriously. Some research suggests there is a spectrum of what might be called "obsessed following behavior.

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Apply for a protection order - If someone is using your personal information to stalk, intimidate, harass or threaten you, you may be able to apply to the court for an intervention order to keep them from contacting you again. If the person who is bullying you is a student at your school, then your school may be able to help you work things out. The authors concluded that "group-stalking appears to be delusional in basis, but complainants suffer marked psychological and practical sequelae.

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