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How to care for clothes + 6 laundry hacks

How to care for cotton fabric. discover cotton

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Glazed fabric, often printed with floral designs or stripes. Acts as an insulator so it is very warm. Plain-weave soft cloth with napped surface. Yarn-dyed and woven usually in checks.

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Double-woven in different patterns on a jacquard loom to give a three-dimensional look. A lightweight cotton fabric with a woven crinkle achieved by altering tension in the warp yarns. Rugged, woven cloth made with coarse yarn. A warp-pile fabric with short, densely woven cut pile, giving the fabric a soft, rich texture.

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Can be scratchy — which gives some people the impression that they are "allergic" to wool. Recommended care for most wool garments is dry cleaning, however washable wools do exist. To get creases out of velvet, use a steamer or a velvet board a flat board that has hundreds of fine wires sticking out perpendicularly.

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