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Video about how to help someone who is bipolar:

Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder, A Simple Guide to Bipolar Relationships.

How to help someone who is bipolar. You’ll need a new login link.

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Music and Bipolar Disorder Listen to different genres of music, some with a more-relaxed pace. They are influenced by the balance or imbalance of chemicals in their brain.

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It can also help patients get along better with family and friends. It also provides a reference point for analyzing and measuring nutrition. Using the Internet away from home may prevent the Internet addict from becoming consumed with the Internet. Try to remember that the person suffering from bipolar disorder does not directly control most of these behaviors although they can learn to work on them in therapy.

Do you go through intense moods?

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When a friend or relative has bipolar disorder, it affects you too. However the following months were filled with a manic, high episode and then a depressive episode featuring psychosis which led me to be hospitalised voluntarily on an adolescent mental health unit.

What is bipolar disorder?

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These resources have helped many of us inform ourselves, cope with behaviors that sometimes arise from the illness, better understand our own reactions, and determine how we may best support our loved ones in their efforts to understand and live with this often terrible disease. HealthLink BC Call or visit www.

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You can also check the phone book for mental health professionals. I experienced severe depressive and manic episodes when on the wrong medication for me. Keeping a daily journal helps circumvent and control racing thoughts, a symptom identified with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder.

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