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Video about leave in conditioner for 4c hair:

The Best Products for 4C Hair

Leave in conditioner for 4c hair. How to Infuse Moisture Into Your Dull & Dry Natural Hair

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And if you can find a product that has both water and butter, then you may find that it acts as both a moisturizer and a sealant. Use this as your final rinse when shampooing your hair.

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Use Hot Oil Treatments This is one of my favorite pampering routines because it softens my hair so much and brings out its natural sheen. Drink at least glasses of water per day. I got great results doing it every other day, but I probably would have had better results doing it daily the first time. Spritz With Water Since water is the best source of moisture for natural hair, a daily dose of it on your strands will help keep your hair supple and soft.

Know Your Hair’s Porosity

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Cold Water Rinse I actually combine this tip with the last one. Feel free to adjust the recipe as needed.

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You may also want to add a moisturizer of your choice. Cover your hair with a plastic cap while you sleep.

Buy Water-Based Moisturizers & Good Sealants!

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