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It centred around a married couple whose love life was in the doldrums. Eroticism sells so we do not exclude tasteful eroticism in some scenes," he explained. His hand caressed her bottom. I would have described them as soft porn.

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The story was centred around the setting up of the home and the trials and tribulations of two headstrong people learning to live with each other. As we were both well into our forties we had no aspirations of getting into the glamour of the film world, but we joked that this could be the first step to a lucrative career, realising that in reality this was unlikely.

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The story was centred around the setting up of the home and the trials and tribulations of two headstrong people learning to live with each other. The script told how James the husband persuaded Sarah the wife to take a lover.

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I stood to intervene. The scene continues ad lib culminating with Eric making love to Sarah while James watches. He continued by telling us that a genuine more mature married couple would be preferable as they would react more naturally with each other, and it could also avoid embarrassment.

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