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Meaning of the rainbow colors. Rainbow Colors: Their Meanings, Order and Symbolism in the Bible

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Funnily enough, green gemstones are considered by some to be effective in generating energy that will attract money and wealth! For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war as in the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree" Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones. This arc is associated with Archangel Raphael which is used for healing. What's Your Spirit Animal?

Religious and Cultural Significance

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The glory of God is likened to "the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain" Ezekiel 1: And so the legend goes. Then, you cross the Rainbow Bridge together

What Are the Meaning of Colors in Christian Symbolism?

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It represents the Red Cross. Red Red is the first colored arc of the rainbow and because of this it has the longest wavelength. Suddenly, this one breaks away from the group, leaping, and racing over the green grass, legs carrying them faster and faster. Purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank.

Bible Living

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In the Bible, the color red typically stands for sin and the blood of Christ that offers redemption. In Islam, rainbows only consist of four colors-blue, green, red and yellow-which correspond with the four elements water, earth, fire and air. It is royal color signifying nobility. This arc is a mixture of the colors before and after it-red and yellow.

Meaning of colors

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The colors of the rainbow all have their own unique beauty. In addition, in the book of Job, the color yellow stands for bitterness.


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