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Mothers And Daughters Pick Tattoos For Each Other

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Sometimes shapes and images might not fully reveal the holy meaning and intention behind a tattoo design, so no wonder we often see inscribed mother-daughter tattoos. You will also notice that one of the bluebirds is bigger than the others. You can involve elements such as love represented by the heart and eternity represented by the infinity symbol. As people often say, seek and ye shall find — have you already decided to go that way together, you will, no doubt, manage to make the best choice for you both.


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That and take proper after care of your tattoo. With tattoos they also symbolize deep empathy, compassion and wisdom. My Only Sunshine Another example of the classic Johnny Cash lyrics, this time tattooed on a mother and daughters feet. Flowers in general and red roses in particular are again highly recognizable symbols of beauty and beautiful love.

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Unlike romantic relationship, mom and daughter will last the distance. As a daughter our mothers are responsible for teaching us the ways of life and in many ways we do follow in their foot steps, maybe not necessarily doing the same thing as them, but definitely having them show us the way.

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As you can see in the design above the elephant forms a great basis to fill in with interesting patterns too. Some of the more popular ones are for one person to get a mechanical heart and the other person to get a mechanical style key, thus suggesting someone holds the key to your heart. Follow her on Twitter nicoledarrah. Another really cool example of a tattoo that you both get half of and then it creates the full picture together.

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