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I had been trying to get info. She pick up the money two days later and said she did not want to walk around with that much money. The university also competed in intercollegiate debate within the National Educational Debate Association , in intercollegiate mock trial and computer science competitions, and participated at South Carolina Student Legislature.

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BJU has taken the position that orthodox Christians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries including fundamentalists agreed that while the KJV was a substantially accurate translation, only the original manuscripts of the Bible written in Hebrew and Greek were infallible and inerrant. For anyone trying to evade capture, the knowledge of which houses to avoid was as critical as which houses to approach.

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So they kept her there for interrogation about smuggling jewelry. Nevertheless, about a quarter of all BJU graduates continue to live in the Upstate , and as long-time mayor Knox White has said, "The alumni have had a big impact on every profession and walk of life in Greenville.


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A must visit place for singles. At a news conference following the letter's release, Bush said, "I make no excuses.

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