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Running in the zone. Option offense

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Yet it often relies on speed, or misdirection to compensate for the reduction. Because of the way that zones react against screens, by properly setting a screen, the screener will be between the ball and the defense when the cutter clears the screen. By moving the postman up the lane to the mid-post you can not only create better spacing but more match-up problems as well. The use of the read option in the NFL has been somewhat controversial, the main reason being that it puts the QB at greater risk of injury.


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When screened, a zone reacts the same way a man defense does when they switch. At the start of the season, Michael Vick was named the starting QB and the read option was used with Vick's athletic ability to take advantage of running situations for the quarterback. Your experience might lead you to some other spots. At its core, the offense relies on a devastating combination of power running, the option, and play-action passing, which are easily run from the I-formation and its variations.

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Some of the most popular versions include: The expo hall where you went for registration was busy the last two days: The I-option offense offered a more traditional balanced attack. You know your players, makes decisions according to what you feel is best for your personnel.

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A type of double option, the read option is a relatively simple play during which the offensive line zone blocks in one direction, ignoring defensive personnel, while the quarterback makes a single read usually of the backside defensive end or linebacker and decides whether to keep the ball if the backside defender crashes down or to hand off to the back if the defender indicates that he will cover the quarterback. Coaches are always looking for some hard and fast rules, such as "where should I put my players against a zone? Meyer's version is based on the spread attack developed by then-West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez.

Running A Motion Offense vs A Zone Defense

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