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Do College Kids Know the Difference Between Men and Women?

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For each auction, the company filters thousands of developers down to a few hundred of the best profiles. To be clear, we know the problem is probably even worse than it seems because a lot of the women who are counted as working in the tech sector often work in PR, HR, or marketing. The institution opened in on Stanford's previous Palo Alto farm. According to Bright Labs, the most in-demand job titles in April were all technical positions.

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From to , the percentage of whites in Seattle has dropped from But women in tech is still the focus of what Dryden is writing about. Women are allowed to serve in combat infantry but many women choose not to.

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Every developer has something to contribute. So I wanted to make something short, funny, and easy to pass around so women could turn those stupid arguments on their heads.

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All positions in military are open to women - excluding Special Operations Forces because of physical requirements. All in all a thorough and well-reasoned piece worth a read even if the pagination on datamation is ridiculously annoying. This is true even—and perhaps especially—in the developing world. I was the typical developer type—introverted, fascinated by systems, a bit scared of all that messy, unpredictable people stuff —but coming in a girl-shaped package makes you atypical in most development teams.

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