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The Kid lives for four things, his fast car, Pabst Blue Ribbon, well-coifed hair, and getting to Vegas to start telling Flagg what to do. Yeah, it's not really a very deep book, easily the weakest in a collection that already pretty much sucks save for the excellence of the Langoliers. He is occasionally capable of a tender scene, such when Johnny Smith and Sarah finally spend one night together in the Dead Zone, or Tommy and Sue in the backseat of his car during Carrie. In fact, it's exactly that that helps seven kids overcome an ancient evil.

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Anal With a Handgun in The Stand In the restored version of the Stand, the pyromaniac Trashcan Man gets a lot more exposition, especially when it comes to his journey from Powtanville, Indiana after he blows up the Cheery Oil Company, burning himself badly in the process, and his eventual arrival in Las Vegas to enter the service of Randall Flagg as a weapons procurer. In the book, this is apparently some kind of bizarre, magical compulsion she has that will somehow enhance her unborn son with manonaise from the rich, talented, and successful.

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