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💪BEST Shoulder Workout for Women

Shoulder exercises for girls. 6 Upper Body Exercises for Runners

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Keeping your legs straight and hinging at your hips, bend over with the weight hanging in front of you. Most of us never think about how we breathe unless we are short of breath through exercise, illness or stress. Keeping mamas and mamas-to-be fit, healthy and motivated is what she loves most about her job.

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Notice your breathing Pay attention to the movement of your chest, shoulders and belly while you breathe. Actively raise the hands off the barbell maintaining the same arm and spinal position and try to hold for 30 seconds.


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Breath holders often breath into their chests too, which increases feelings of stress and may also cause tightness in the shoulders and neck. Push into your hands and the balls of your feet to come up into a plank. A deceptively simple exercise that works to pull your shoulders back to an optimal position is this external rotation movement. People who are anxious and busy often start using their mouths to breath which causes a dry mouth as well as tiredness.

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