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Layla now walks by my side with out pulling me over as she is trying to chase a squirrel, when she sees something like a squirrel or a bunny, she "leaves it" and just keeps walking! My dog Shefu is a little terror on walks - pulling on the leash, barking at dogs, people, cars, her shadow, the pavement, etc. Paul Area Association of Realtors with a strong background in contractual law and consumer relations. It so much different than what we have experienced previously and I finally feel as though there is hope for my crazy dog.

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Its those small details that often make a big difference when it comes to the challenge of getting you into the house you truly want or helping you sell the one you have now. First time home buyers and newer investors are a special niche for him.

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Real Estate is his passion and he currently owns and rents his own property, therefore he enjoys working with other investors and helping them achieve long term wealth. We adopted her at 9 months old and we were her third home. Not missing a beat! He is very experienced in helping many clients with residential real estate over the past few years, working with both sellers and buyers.

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