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She wished it would never end. You appeared to be physically chastising jeuveniles, but I cannot imagine that holopeople need such discipline. Sensing her print it opened. It also comforted her to feel her own bottom, the shapely flesh gyrating under her as she paced.

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She made her way to the wall where she stood, hands behind her neck as ordered, next to the nude weeping forms of Elly and Tracey. All were wearing odd, tight-fitting garments of smooth cloth, seemingly without seams. Riker A slanging match turns into a competition as two men of science and engineering pit their creations in a head to head race. The entity has matched our speed increase.

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Sensing her print it opened. Glen Travis and his crew are definately at the other end of the spectrum. The second woman was much more feminine, rounded and pleasant. I found your holoprogram quite interesting.

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This was a position she liked. I'll do anything you ask. As they dig into it they realize there's more than involved then they thought and it involved a piece of Picard's past and one that has now turned it sights on Wesley.

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