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But the point is we're not apes. And each time I tried to read those books called "the feminist classics," I'd get bored, and I really struggled to finish them. Some weeks ago, I walked into a lobby of one of the best Nigerian hotels. We're all social beings.

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Gender colors the way we experience the world. Actually, I was going to say that maybe women are born with a cooking gene, until I remember that the majority of the famous cooks in the world, whom we give the fancy title of "chefs," are men.

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Recently a young woman was gang raped in a university in Nigeria, I think some of us know about that. We should all be angry. And this is how to start: And the first thing I planned to do when I got home was to look up the word "feminist" in the dictionary.

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We have different hormones, we have different sexual organs, we have different biological abilities. We teach them to mask their true selves, because they have to be, in Nigerian speak, "hard man!

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