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Explained by the reanimation process necessitated by his demise, so he can still blame Superman, albeit indirectly, for his hair loss. But I find that my process is very different than a lot of other actors.

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Jeremy Clarkson's ex-wife Frances Cain slips into a black bikini. That was a positive moment; use that one.

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Share or comment on this article: Melissa Benoist has that same quality in Supergirl. The Wedding Album , featuring the long-awaited marriage of Lois and Clark.

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He's still very powerful but more vulnerable to high-tech countermeasures, Kryptonite is more effective and it takes time for him to recover from it's effects and generally it's easier for his opponents to provide a reasonable challenge without getting flattened in five seconds flat. My agents were very good about that, because I had to turn down a lot of opportunities. I had to fight to be in that film.


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