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Aboriginal Australians, [31] the indigenous people of Liberia, [32] Native Americans in North America, [33] Pacific Islanders, [34] Brazilian construction foremen, [35] and tribes in Africa. This can be used both to increase the social awareness of students and offer alternative methods of approaching conventional mathematics operations, like multiplication. One of the challenges faced by researchers in this area is the fact that they are limited by their own mathematical and cultural frameworks. Maybe he got them because they looked cool or whatever.

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Maybe he got racist tattoos and then changed his mind. The discussions of the mathematical ideas of other cultures recast these into a Western framework in order to identify and understand them. However, others emphasize that the usefulness of mathematics is what tends to conceal its cultural constructs.


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The games of checkers , chess , oware and other mancala games , and Go may also be viewed as subjects for ethnomathematics. Detailed examinations of the history of the mathematical developments of non-European civilizations, such as the mathematics of ancient Japan , [23] Iraq, [24] Egypt, [25] and of Islamic, [26] Hebrew, [27] and Incan [28] civilizations, have also been presented. Some examples and major contributors[ edit ] The majority of research in this area has been about the intuitive mathematical thinking of small-scale, traditional, indigenous cultures including:

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The studies reveal that all cultures have basic counting, sorting and deciphering methods, and that these have arisen independently in different places around the world. C A I think that was just studio make up.

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