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Video about wave perm on short hair:

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Wave perm on short hair. Perm (hairstyle)

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The hair was wrapped on rods and a reduction lotion containing ammonium thioglycolate was applied. Their method used bi-sulfide solution and was often applied at the salon , left on while the client went home and removed the next day, leading it to be called the overnight wave. Thus the profession started using what was called a "reagent", perhaps concocted by the hairdresser himself or sold commercially by the manufacturers of the machine. Because of the high temperature used, the process tended to degrade the hair.

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However, having digi permed hair takes a different kind of maintenance altogether. This ensured that when inserted over a root winding, the thicker hair nearer to the root became hotter than the thinner hair at the end.

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The first public demonstration took place on 8 October , but Nessler had been working on the idea since Cultures within the Sinosphere generally preserved a tradition of growing out one's hair long without trimming, although it was typically worn tied up. In East Asia, the style is in a relativity recent development. When can you tie up your hair again?

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