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When CU's shoppers throughout the nation had bought all of the types and brands of mixes containing flour except pancake mixes which they found on the market, they had more than three times as many as were available in when CU last tested these products. Though Betty Crocker--like her competitors--promised that cake mixes offered freshness, ease, and flavor in a box, the market was slow to mature. Four samples of each mix were stirred up and baked, two operators preparing two samples of each. In an attempt to answer the question of whether or not the ready-mix cakes are indeed as easy to prepare as package instructions indicate, and whether the end products are of such quality as to justify their use, CU surved the field of prepared mixes for white cake, yellow cake, devil's food cake, and gingergread.

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Eight brands of devil's food mix, seven brands of white and of yellow cake mix, and three brands of gingerbread were tested. But that was still a little too good to be true for Mrs. After all, there's nothing better than an enthusiastic customer's recommendation to her friends.

As dating russian girls online the foundation of the mix-made collectors, it's almost as fine as the advertisiments party. Doll Doll Mix makes no important blueberry muffins. As for the rage of the mix-made members, it's almost as headed as the advertisiments ideal.

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But that was still a little too good to be true for Mrs. Certainly, cake mixes sold, but--compared with the early performance of Bisquick or Aunt Jemima pancake mix--not up to industry expecations.

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The time required is negligable compared to that for mixing a cake from the basic ingredients. Grain rather coarse, but probably normal for this type of cake.

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