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What is a coed baby shower. Fun Baby Shower Games

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The last couple to have their water balloon pop wins a prize. Flowers are particularly appropriate for a celebration of birth. They will definitely deserve a prize for trying so hard. Players will be blindfolded and instructed to feed each other.

Baby Shower Scattergories – Adult Version!

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When inviting men to a baby shower, you will need to adjust your games to involve them in on the fun. Start with a large bucket of water balloons. This game can be played with any type of food that comes prepackaged or bottled. Remember to keep decorations to a few:

Bobbing for Nipples

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Each person feeds their teammate a spoon of the applesauce — but while both teammates are blindfolded! Give them all fly swatters and play volleyball using a balloon.

The species-to-be can traffic one the group list so that no one high is further. The collectors-to-be can help till the guest list so that no one clean is forgotten.

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Hand each team a ball and give them the choice of putting it between their backs, shoulders or ears. Traditionalists prefer a women-only event, while modernists believe that the father should be invited.

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They will definitely deserve a prize for trying so hard. The games are not expensive either — most you can play with items you have in the house already!

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