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Energy tariff reform is needed - Hugh Gleeson

What is an energy tariff. Our Feed-in tariff

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Comparison calculations are never spot on, especially if you've estimated your usage but it's the best way to find your cheapest tariff, and certainly better than listening to your supplier, or the salesman at the supermarket. These certificates are issued to renewable energy producers based on the amount of energy they feed into the grid. If the amount of renewable energy produced exceeds the required amount, certificate prices may crash, as happened with carbon trading in Europe. In some areas wind power, landfill gas and biomass generation are already lower-cost than grid electricity.

Agile Octopus is available now

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It's designed to fix the problem that when you switch tariff, you risk that provider upping its rates. Credits typically roll over to future periods. Don't worry too much about switching.

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Select a profile to see how your costs change, based on when you use electricity Family home Working 9 to 5 Night chargers A home with one or more school age children, with energy use rising from 3pm to a 6pm peak, then tailing off quickly. Only customer service, billing and, most importantly, prices change.

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Even if it doesn't, the cheap rate normally only lasts 18 months or so before it ramps prices. The first is to reduce the profitability of certain production sites. Do we make money from this?

Here you’ll find some information about our tariff.

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We do this by purchasing the same amount of energy produced from renewable sources, and feeding this back in to the network. Try it for yourself Explore how shifting your electricity use could save you even more, using the profiles beneath the chart. How much will it cost?

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