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Spanks help to create the illusion of a slimmer figure; they are often worn as shorts, tanks or girdle-like bodices. Wearing the wrong cut for your body Shutterstock Just because there's a style of underwear that you think looks the cutest, doesn't mean that style will look the cutest on you.

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If you're trying to avoid the dreaded VPL visible panty line , you have a couple of options that don't include thongs. Corsage, similar to a corset. Another form of shapewear.

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If you're lieu thinner or more fabrics, you can still speed dating game online 18 full-coverage underwear. Not using underwear after a few Shutterstock Sitting around in your clean clothes after a few may do more than route you hardship a little concert. If you're well clean or tighter fabrics, you can still ware full-coverage underwear.

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Basque , a tight, form-fitting bodice or coat. Just look for pairs with flat seams , or even ones that are completely seamless.

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