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Things That Husband and Wife Should Not Do

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Betty, I knew a Big Woman who if Her male acted out on a shopping trip, would bend him over Her car hood in the parking lot and beat his behind. She expexts me to look pretty for her and tend to her needs. Then, try riding by the laws that YOU think should be in place, like riding on the sidewalk. Are you saying that basically bicycling should be banned in these type areas?

What Makes Canned Food Unsafe to Consume?

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AnonymousSep 25 3: We are targeted by uninformed, immature, spiritually darkened individuals who cannot grasp the difference between RoboCop and reality. But, how many Christian men actually do this? This would also favour a safer environment for motorcyclists, who can share the lane to the left of the cars on the right lane lane splitting is legal in Brazil, and is much abused by reckless motorcyclists.

So What Should I Know about Expirations Dates?

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Bryan Joseph, thank you for adding your thoughts and reply. Or if any method beyond pure guesswork was employed at all.

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