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How To Tell When You Need New Spark Plugs

When to do a tune up. Advanced Acoustic Fingerprinting Technology

When to do a tune up See the Health Sequence below. If they are well or defective, replace them. See the Health Procedure below.

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The idle is set with a "Volume Control" screw and a "Bypass" screw of the left side of the carburetor. Adjust the screw on the top of throttle lever so that it just touches the fast idle cam.

Frame Cleaning

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The distributor rotor should now be pointing at the notch on the distributor rim. The Volume Control screw out of whack can cause exasperating performance problems. A handy trick is to wrap thin strands of copper wire around both ends of the spark plug wires--one loop for Cylinder 1, two loops for Cylinder 2, and so on. Accumulated deposits on the plug tip may also be interfering with reliable ignition.

How Much Does a Tune-up Cost?

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