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Why are girls evil. Why Women Love Evil Men

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In other words, switch the power dynamics here. Should he be surprised when he used money to lore the whore into a marriage contract, and then lost her to a man who could pay her more for the same service?

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Yes folks, I am aware of all the contradictions. Reply Asker men are considered so invisible.. Those are the standards we hold them to, and we act surprised when they fail to live up to this.

If an engagement is broken, should the ring be given back to the giver?

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Self reflection, seeing what we really are, and how we are, and then making internal changes in ourselves, changes in our perception and attitudes, and then helping other men to also look within, change their perception and attitude, and when that spreads over our culture slowly but surely, it will cause a cultural shift, new cultural attitudes, new behaviors and values will come from that. I personally believe that men are biologically predisposed to have certain vulnerabilities, and women are biologically predisposed to exploit certain male vulnerabilities. Do you honestly believe these traits that women are attracted to, were taught to them? What they look for in men is utility, usability, a means to an end, a way to profit.

Proof That Girls Are Evil

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